About Us

The Shakespot brand was founded in 2008 to help manage its founder’s self-published books that have made its way internationally, having translated, distributed and sold to readers in 50 countries. Since then, one of Shakespot’s activities is to provide publishing services and consultancy to other self-publishers. Currently, the brand is an imprint of Shake Book Projects Sdn Bhd (Shake Book Projects).

Shake Book Projects is active in organizing projects and activities to spur the growth of the book industry, including publishing and representing books by self-published authors and other publishers locally and abroad.

The Shakespot brand has been participating at international bookfairs since 2008, starting with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. We have also participated in London Book Fair, Tokyo Book Fair, Abu Dhabi Book Fair, Indonesia International Book Fair, Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair, and also become an annual exhibitor of the Frankfurt Book Fair at our Malaysia country pavilion.

We have just been awarded Fellowship of the Seoul International Book Fair 2017, scheduled on 14-18 June 2017 in Seoul, Korea.