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Legend or myth? Puteri Pakma is basesd on a series of artworks that originated and were presented locally and overseas by Abby Zain herself, inspired by her travels to the rainforest in Ulu Geroh, Gopeng, Perak. These artworks consist of pictures, sketches and paintings on canvases now being made into a story.

Abby Zain paints these pictures illustrating a fairy tale that she has composed in order to preserve some measure of innocence, or at least a memory of that innocence. Using these premeditatedly unformed characters going through the motion as dictated by the story, she gets herself, as well as the viewer, to suspend believability  and be enthralled by the scenes and events that eventually converge into a happy ending, as in all fairy tales.

Before arriving there, however, we are introduced to the wicked prince Parawala who is out to hunt and kill a tapir; a gentle defenceless creature forever unable to decide whether he is a stunted elephant or an oversized wild boar. Fierce and greedy, Parawala is poised to strike the poor animal when, suddenly, from on high, lightning lashes him, turning him to stone.

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