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From her first Milo cookies that she made when she was a six year-old girl and her first butter cake, Puan Sri To’ Puan Datuk Shariffa Sabrina Bt. Syed Akil had been collecting recipes from relatives, friends and chefs from different parts of the world and would try baking them for her family and friends.

Baking is her passion. She loves to serve only the best.

For those who have been to her open houses, they would usually be amazed at the feast they were served – 100 different types of cookies and 50 different types of cakes, all from the recipes that Puan Sri had collected, written by hand in notebooks that she still keep handy over the years.

21 recipes for cookies and 21 recipes for cakes from her previous recipe notebooks have been selected to be featured in this book. For those who love baking, and serving the best for families and friends, these recipes have been fully tested and enjoyed by Puan Sri’s own family members and served at Tanah Aina resorts and restaurants she owns.

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